Our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure its freshness. Most natural ingredients like unrefined cold press oils, herbs and other botanical ingredients has its own natural color and are not pure white. Although we source our raw ingredients from a reliable supplier, due to the nature of the natural ingredients, it may differ slightly in color, scent and texture based on factors such as soil conditions, seasons, regions, harvesting methods, etc. That is what makes natural ingredients so beautiful. For example, while our soaps may not be perfectly hand-cut, we ensure that the.quality and efficiency remain the same.

We are proud of our ingredients. They are carefully and lovingly cultivated from the earth. We carefully select each raw ingredient that goes into our formulations. Our ingredients are all cosmetic-grade ingredients and we work with suppliers who are committed to quality, transparency and doing their part to protect our planet. Cosmetic grade ingredients are lab tested for safety and microbial count and is highly recommended for cosmetic products and therefore we do not use food grade ingredients as they are meant for consumption. 


At the moment our products are not certified organic or vegan as we do not see the need to do so primarily because the process is tedious and expensive and the costs will eventually be reflected in the retail price. Our goal is to create affordable skincare for our customers and it is not feasible at the moment for a small business like us to do so. Rest assure that our ingredients meet the standard allowed in the cosmetic industries. 


All our products are formulated for the hot tropical weather which means they do not melt easily. However we would still advise you to keep your products in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. 


​Our product is best used within the time frame stated on the product label. And we highly recommend that you use the product within 3-6 months of opening. We use 3-6 months as a general guideline, however, use your best judgement. If the product takes on an unusual odor or appearance, discontinue use.
You can maximize the shelf life of your product by following a few tips: avoid contamination –
  • Always use clean hands or a clean mini spoon, especially when touching product in a container (such as our body butter).
  • Ensure that the cap or the lid of the product are closed properly and
  • Keep products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.


Our products are formulated for normal adult skin. We use essential oils and other active ingredients that sensitive skin may react to.  Some of our products are also made with nut's oil, which may trigger nut allergies people. As with any product, we recommend a patch test before use. Have a sensitive skin and want a free patch test? Drop us an email (hello@bespokeformula.com) to visit us.
Currently we only accept payment via Paypal and direct online transfer and we ship only within Malaysia. Please read Bespoke Formula Payment & Shipping for more detail

For any items that arrive broken, faulty, incorrect or incomplete it will be replaced / ship if we are notified within 7 days of receipt.
Please email us a photograph within 7 days at hello@bespokeformula.com and we will guide you through the replacement process
Unfortunately, we don’t offer refund if products are opened and used.


Bespoke Formula is a busy buzzy buddy studio with products flying off the shelves every day, we do our very best to restock before we sell out but sometimes we cant keep up. If an item you want is out of stock, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you email to hello@bespokeformula.com for backorder and we will put your backorder on our PRIORITY list. However, all backorder items requires full payment.