We love to improve our environment and one way for us to contribute is by making this wonderful Greener Wrap. Greener Wrap is a natural substitute to plastic and an alternative to paper wrap. It's biodegradable wrapper  to help reduces our landfill.

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About Greener Wrap

What is it made of?
Greener Wrap is made from cotton fabric blended with Malaysian beeswax, tree resin and golden jojoba oil. This combination makes the cloth  flexible and  tacky so that it can be shaped and sealed onto itself. Beeswax is water repellent, used in cosmetics (eg lip balm), a natural anti-bacterial and has a very long shelf life. Tree resin is water resistant, antifungal, used in making chewing gum….chewy and also used in cosmetics. Jojoba oil is a wonderful oil used in cosmetics, moisturizer and has a long shelf life.
Each Greener Wrap is handmade by us and will therefore have some variation in detail, size and shape
Why use Greener Wrap?
Greener Wrap is biodegradable  and eco-friendly. Easily compostable. It helps us use less  plastic in our daily lives and definitely help reduce landfills. They may seem a little pricey at first, but these wraps will save you money over time in not buying plastic wrap. Plus,  by using Greener Wrap, you will help our government's initiative in reducing the use of plastic.
What is it for?
We hope your Greener Wrap will become your preference instead of plastic or cling wrap when it comes to wrapping. Greener Wraps are great for wrapping anything that you usually kept in plastic bag. You can even use it as a lid to cover container or jug. It can even be your gift wrapper instead of using wrapping paper where people normally throw it away. The best part is, it’s washable and reusable. Checkout our handy video for tips and tricks here.
How to Use Greener Wrap?
Use the warmth of your hand to shape your Greener Wrap over your item that needs wrapping. If store in a cold environment, the beeswax will harden and maintain its shape. You can use the warmth of your hand to speed up the softening process. Greener Wrap however is not suitable to be used in direct contact with greasy item, heat, raw meat and the like.
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How to Clean & Care Greener Wrap?
You can wash your Greener Wrap with a mild soap and COOL TAP water and hang to dry. Use your hand or a soft sponge lightly on the dirty area. Do not scrub, wring or use brush on your Greener Wrap. Greener Wrap is waterproof and it will dry quickly.
Store in a cabinet when not in use. Keep it away from heat or high temperature, hot water, microwave, oven, etc. The edges of Greener Wrap are not finished. Over time, the wax coating that holds all the fibers of the fabric together will fray a little.  All you need to do is trim them up with a sharp scissors.  Checkout our handy video on how to clean your Greener Wrap.
How long does it last?
Depending on usage, Greener Wrap can last from 6 months up to 1 year with good care.
I would like to be a Greener Wrap Reseller.
We are looking for people who would love to earn extra income. Send us an email and let us know your interest and backgrounds.