No idea of how Greener Wrap can help your daily lives and the environment? No problem. Watch the video below for super simple ways to use Greener Wrap.

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Tips and Tricks!

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Wrapping your container


Here's how to wrap your jug, glass or bowl. Just use the heat of your hand to mold the wrap around it. The tackiness of the wrap will make it self adhesive.
How cool is that!
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Cleaning your Greener Wrap

Clear all debris (if any) from your wrap. Use a mild soap, a soft sponge and cool tap water.
Then, hang to dry. Once dried, you can reuse it or simply fold it and keep in your kitchen drawer for your next use.
 It's super easy!

I love flower!

Emergency situation calls for Greener Wrap!
Simply fold your wrap tightly, fill with a bit of water, and now have a vase.
Keep Greener Wrap in your office for it's multipurpose function.

More Tips Coming Soon


Coming very very soon
Now, that is genius!

Another Tips & Tricks for your office


Need to carry loads of stationaries and nothing to put it into?
Greener Wrap to the rescue.
It's so handy!