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Poured vs Pressed Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Today I will briefly talk about the differences between pressed and poured shampoo and conditioner bars. If you have made a solid syndet shampoo and conditioner, you know it can either be pressed or poured. The formula can be the same or somewhat different, depending on the methods and various criteria. For those who have never made syndet shampoo and conditioner bar before, poured means that the liquid mixture is poured into a silicone mold, whereas a pressed method means the mixture is pressed using a puck mold / moon cake mold or something similar.

Here, I am just going to address the method and physical differences of the bars.

Personally, I find it much easier and convenient to press shampoo bars. The processing method is faster compared to the poured method. the result is a firm bar depending on how hard you can press the bar or whether you are using hands or machine.

For conditioner bars, I prefer the poured method instead of pressed simply because it gives a more solid and smoother looking bar.

Below is the comparison table for a better understanding.

Have you tried and what is your preference?

with LOVE.

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