Now you can make your own deodorants with various actives for you to choose from.

Why spend over XX  every month when you can make it yourself for a tiny fraction.

A simple formulas and easy to make.

This is an eBook.

Know what ingredients to use and why you use them, the truth and myth behind deodorants, how to substitute and how to check ingredients using technical data; step-by-step instructions for every formula plus troubleshooting guide. Make anhydrous as well as water based deodorants.

• 10 solid stick deodorant formulas
BONUS 1 roll-on deodorant formula
• Formula for a transparent gel stick deodorant
• Formula to lighten dark underarms
• Simple formulas with no long list of ingredients
• Multiple deodorant formulations, from light to all-day coverage.
• Deodorant for baking soda lovers, baking soda haters, charcoal lovers, and more.
• How to check technical data sheet
• How to substitute ingredients
• How to use the ingredients and why you use it
• How to measure pH value of your products and the reason why we make a 10% sample dilution
• How to lower / increase pH value of your products
• Troubleshooting guide
• Supplier’s list by region
• and more

You can make it for your families and friends, for holiday gifts, bridal shower, birthday, etc.


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How to Make Deodorant