We were overwhelmed with the response from this book when it was launched 2 years ago. However, we have decided to upgrade the content  of this book by leap and bound and discontinue this version. With the new The Masterbook, we believe that  it will be more beneficial  and rewarding compare to this book and therefore, we decided to discontinue this version.



Have you ever wonder how solid shampoo and conditioner bars were made?

Wonder no more. With all the information in the book, you now can make your own solid shampoo and conditioner bars.

You can make it for your families and friends, for holiday gifts, bridal shower, birthday, etc.


Included inside -

  • 11 sulfate-free shampoo bar formulas including 3 basic formula for beginners (NEW)
  • 11 conditioner bar formulas including 3 new formulas for beginners (NEW)
  • conditioner formulas using regular emulsifier without BTMS that cost cheaper to make! (NEW)
  • NEW 8 pages of troubleshooting guide
  • formula for processed hair, color treated hair and volumizing.
  • how to check your ingredient using technical data
  • ratio of liquid to dry ingredients to get the right texture
  • list of suppliers where you can get your ingredients
  • NEW suppliers by regions (UK, Europe, US, Canada, Asia, Australia & New Zealand)
  • how to substitute ingredients
  • how to check the pH of your product
  • how to increase or lower the pH in your product.
  • Over 80 pages of information.

It's all here.


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Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bar