Soap Calculator Plus

  • Over 150 types of oils & butters list + INCI, prelisted
  • Over 60 types of essential oils list + INCI, prelisted
  • Over 60 types of powder extract, prelisted
  • A maximum of 13 main ingredients + 13 additives can be added into a recipe
  • 5 categories of additives plus additional space to add your own additives
  • Soap Quality Indicators
  • Fatty Acids Indicators
  • In Printable Excel format
  • Plus a BONUS sheet to calculate your COG (cost of good) + 11 levels of discount & moq tiers if you decided to sell your soaps 

It's easy to use and you don't need an internet connection to use it. Download it to your computer and use it anytime, anywhere.
We are using the Excel 2016 version and it may not be compatible with prior to 2013 version.

Save your soap recipe in softcopy or print it for your filing.
Checkout the intro video here-  


File format - Excel




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