This is The Masterbook on how to make jelly lipstick, flower lipstick, color-changing lip balm and more.


Over 200 pages, full with important information.

  • A total of 20 formulas.
  • 6 transparent base formulas with 3 different structuring agents.
  • 3 transparent color-changing formulas with flowers and gemstones.
  • 4 color-changing lip balm formulas including 3 vegan formulas.
  • 5 color-changing lip gloss formulas.
  • 1 water-base lip color formula (BONUS formula).
  • 1 Cheat Method for making the transparent lipstick (only 2 ingredients).
  • I included 2 formulas (1 color-changing lip balm formula and 1 transparent base formula) that has passed the Accelerated Aging Test and Microbial Test (PET) with Certificate of Analysis attached! Yes, I make your purchase worthwhile.
  • I show you how to calculate how much time required for you to perform Accelerated Stability Test base on your targeted shelf life., plus a FREE calculator (Excel format) so that you do not have to calculate manually!
  • Learn about lip anatomy and the 23 Golden Ratios of a beautiful face.
  • List of suppliers by ingredients.
  • Troubleshooting guide and much much more!

For more detail, check out all the pictures attached.

PS- This eBook is in English and we do not provide translation in your language for you. We have received bad review left by buyer simply because the person do not understand English.

File type - PDF and Excel . This is a digital product.  This is not a physical product.


The MASTERBOOK Color-Changing Lipbalm, Flower Lipshine, Transparent Lipsticks