This Mini Lipstick eBook is for those who wanted a simple version suitable for beginners or hobbyists.


Ever wonder how to make bullet lipstick? Wonder no more.

  • A total of 5 base formulas for you to start making your own bullet lipstick.
  • So, in this Mini eBook, you will discover how to make bullet lipsticks with simple to understand step-by-step write-up and pictures.
  • In this ebook, I am  using POWDER colorants for the lipstick, therefore, the base formulas are different then if you use Predispersed Liquid Colorants.



PS- This eBook is in English and we do not provide translation in your language for you. We have received bad review left by buyer simply because the person do not understand English.

File type - PDF . This is a digital product.  This is not a physical product.


The MINIBOOK Bullet Lipstick (Powder Colorant Edition)