Our Services



We believe in giving our customers the utmost care all the way down to smallest details. Extending our knowledge and expertise we offer formulation services, production services and more, ensuring the perfect fit for your need.

 Formulation Services


  • Individual skincare formulation
We offer skincare formulation services based on your requirements. We uses natural ingredients where we sources mostly from North America, Europe, Asia and more. Depending on product requirements, each formulation consist of between 80-100% natural based ingredients. You may take the formulation and produce it yourself or take it to any skincare manufacturer to produce it for you.
  • Formulation + product manufacture
We believe in providing a two-in-one solution for you. Apart from formulating the skincare for you, we are also able to produce it for you. This premium manufacturing service is uniquely tailored for personal usage. As little as 100g that can last you for three or more months of usage.
  • For business / retailer
Both of our services above (product formulation + production)  are open to retailers and business entrepreneurs as well with bigger volume.. 
  • For private functions & events
Take a step further. Our bespoke skincare formulation and manufacturing services are uniquely offered  for you to make it as a gift at bridal shower, weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more. Choose any of our MTO Products or get us to formulate it for you.